Roland Schäuble

Table of Contents
1. What is discid?
2. Supported Platforms
3. Installation
4. Usage
5. Output of discid
6. Download
a program to calculate the disc-ID for audio compact discs

Chapter 1. What is discid?

discid is a small Program, written in C++ to generate a disk-ID by reading the track-info of a compact disc. The disc-ID is used to identify discs at CDDB-Servers (e.g. http://www.freecddb.org) and send queries to CDDB-Servers to get information about Disc-Title, Artist, Track-Titles and more.

Chapter 2. Supported Platforms

The discid program has been tested in Linux and Windows 32 native and Cygwin (http://www.cygwin.com) environments. Windows 32 users can compile discid using Visual C++ or gcc although ready compiled executables for all platforms are included in the distribution. So the average user don't have build the executables himself.

Macintosh OS X support was added by Jeffrey C. Jacobs and has been tested with OS X 10.2.6. It requires the BSD SDK and gcc for OS X to compile; a binary is also included for Mac. Since the original author does not have a Macintosh, support for this platform can not be guaranteed for future releases.

discid can be used by PyCDDB http://pycddb.sourceforge.net to generate the required format of the disc-ID.

Chapter 3. Installation

There are several ways to install the program:

Chapter 4. Usage

$ discid [device]

If no device is given, the following devices are taken as a default:

Chapter 5. Output of discid

The output of discid has the following format:

8HexDigitID NumberOfTracks Track1StartFrame Track2StartFrame..TrackNStartFrame DiscLengthInSeconds

This format contains all information needed to make a query to a CDDB-server and is compatible to the one of other disc-ID generating programs like cd-discid by Robert Woodcock http://frantica.lly.org/~rcw/cd-discid/

Chapter 6. Download

discid is hosted at http://sourceforge.net

The homepage of discid is http://discid.sourceforge.net

The latest version of discid can always be found on http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/discid

The authors homepage can be found on http://homepage.sunrise.ch/mysunrise/rschaeuble/

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